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How Animated Videos Can Boost Your Social Media Marketing Campaigns

Modern businesses are enjoying more and more cost effective and efficient digital marketing tools and resources to boost bottom lines. With the emergence and popularity of social media on the web, business owners and marketers today are having a field day boosting their business from branding to bottom lines.

It is proven that marketing efforts through social media can be very effective to draw more traffic to the web business site and increase sales conversions. But with the advancing technologies of graphics and animation, there is an emerging marketing tool that could spike social media marketing efforts in leaps and bounds.

New Phenomenon in Digital Marketing

Gone are the days when marketing campaigns are restricted to 2-dimensional platforms such as papers and drawing boards. 3-dimensional tools such as animation and graphics are emerging in the market through the latest technologies and apps for marketing. This new phenomenon is impacting the business world as more consumers are attracted and captivated by the attractiveness and excitement of the presentation.

Small to large businesses as well as entrepreneurs are jumping onto the bandwagon of animation technology on social media marketing to secure their piece of the market pie. Getting noticed on social media networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and Twitter is a must today to rise above the competition. Successful social media marketing is a skill to be honed in establishing strong relationships that would garner support for the business owner or marketer in building up the business.

However, it may be a challenge to stand up above the crowd when more and more businesses take on social media marketing approaches. There must be something more unique and fresh to captivate consumers’ attention. One of the rising marketing tools is animated videos.

Impact and Effect

Millions of users surf the net every day to check on the latest updates via YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and other social media networking sites. Some communication platforms only allow text while others permit images and videos.

YouTube is very popular with business owners and online marketers who discovered the impact of animation marketing presentations that entice viewers. The effect is enormous with more traffic generated to the targeted website and higher sales conversions. Modern consumers prefer animated videos over plain text messages if they are to make a purchase decision.

Animated videos can entertain the consumers to feel good and supportive over the business presentation if the video is well executed. Animation is growing popular not just for tech-geniuses, but every business owner or marketer who wants to manipulate its dynamic features for more web traffic to their business site and increase sales.

The availability of modern animation tools and their ease of use make animation the preferred choice in designing marketing presentations that would impact consumers. Anyone today can manipulate simple online animation and video tools to produce a uniquely animated video promoting a product or service in a few minutes depending on the complexity of the message to be conveyed.

Step-by-step user guides are easily available to teach end users or ordinary consumers how to use the animation tools to generate a marketable video to promote business offerings or ideas. There is no need for long training sessions or costly software required. With the advanced technologies today, all animated videos can be easily posted to all social media accounts simultaneously to give marketers and business owners more time in focusing on the core business components.

A great impact on animated videos for social media marketing is the use of animated “talking heads”. This is a very engaging form of animated video where viewers are captivated with an animated figure answering business questions or promoting some idea or product. Such animated videos are commonly used in the FAQs and training to perk up the viewers’ interest and attention.

Dynamic Features in Animation

The impossible becomes possible in the world of animation. Anything can be done to capture viewers’ attention and engage them in serious purchase considerations with well executed animated videos. There is no restraint on the type of characters to be developed for a unique and high quality animated video which can be screened over social media platforms.

Consumers young and old are taken in easily with cute animated characters and cuddly animated critters that can do no wrong. Hence, their involvement in the animated video represents an approval in the marketing message they support in their own words. Customization is possible for unique characters that represent the company as its spokesperson to give a strong impact on viewers who have the purchasing power to boost sales and bottom lines for any business.

A well designed animated content in the form of a social media video is vital to the company brand and image with a wide spread on social media networks where possible. This is the key to success on social media marketing with animation videos. Such animated content is likely to draw bigger crowds and improve the market visibility of the brand than other forms of advertising or marketing.

Professional quality video animations can be generated quickly by graphics experts in the industry with the necessary tools and skills in graphics designs and animation videos. Impactful animation videos can be produced as a dynamic marketing tool to be posted across multiple social media sites, blog sites and other websites simultaneously to capture the right audience in promoting the business brand and sales.

Advantages of Animation Videos

The long list of advantages in utilizing animation videos compels more and more modern businesses, big or small to indulge more aggressively. This is a very cost effective and efficient social media marketing tool that brings in the desired results of more web traffic and followers or fans to boost market presence and visibility for the targeted business brand.

Generating an animated video for business marketing is very cheap with a host of free graphics and design software in town. Animation features in business videos are practical and dynamic as impossible characters and scenes can be portrayed to the advantage of the business. It is more dynamic than camera shoots for difficult and far-fetched storyline, which businesses may require to captivate viewers’ attention.


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